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We bought a Serta "Rourke" queen set in Southern California and it was so full of odor and gasses I had to return it in one week. I slept on it three times and my sinuses and throat were adversely affected and I had headaches from it.

The sales manager recommended an exchange saying it may have had too much fire retardant in it. California has a state law requiring all mattresses be treated with chemical fire retardants but there is no identification on any labeling showing what chemicals are used in this treatment. Or the odor may be from the manufacturing materials.

So we had another "Rourke" delivered and it too was so full of gasseous odor it filled the whole room with a sickening chemical smell. When we tried to return this one (which we didn't even put linens on or use once) they said we had to pay an additional $150 to removed the set. DO NOT BUY THIS SERTA MATTRESS IN CALIFORNIA.

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #690589

This same thing happened to our pillow top when we moved also like others had to cut holes in our $2,500 mattress to flatten out the pillow top.. Total *** will never buy serta again

Montgomery, Alabama, United States #687878

We just moved our Serta upstairs and now have the same dead body lump :/ Plan on slicing an arm size hole at the seam in the corner to pull out the lump. Hopefully it works!

Never buying a Serta EVER again. Probably wont buy a mattress w/connected pillowtop ever again either.

Will buy a regular mattress, then will find a pillow top or feather top to lay on top so they can be moved separately and rotated or flipped occasionally. *** Serta.


well that is what happens when you buy the lowest quality , the rourke is the most basic serta mattress made not for adults

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