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After purchasing my Serta Beauty Rest six months ago I felt sagging in the middle just after four weeks of use! It's terrible my back hurts in the mornings and I experience headaches.

I'm forced to sleep on the outside edges of the bed. Unbelievable!! I tied turning the mattress, flipping the mattress, I tried adding padding on top of and underneath the mattress, nothing works.

This bed was selling for over $1,300.00 for the Queen

My previous old mattress I had for 15 years was in far better shape than this "new" Serta Beauty Rest. I'll never buy one again and will tell everyone how terrible Serta beds are!

Product or Service Mentioned: Serta Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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Metropolis, Illinois, United States #1331790

4 days I had this too.

Let's sue this company

What garbage

Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States #1230284

I Bought a serta Aplause 2 the people that owned the store knew I had 6 back surgries and 6 hip surgries they still sold me this sorry mattress it started sagging when I got it in the spot I was laying in I exchanged it for the Serta firm the first one was the plush it started doing the same thing I am not able to sleep on my new mattress I am wondering if there is anything I can do.


is it a serta or a beauty rest simmons makes beauty rest not serta

Chicago, Illinois, United States #854094

Despite what you have heard or are being told, Serta, Englander and other manufactures are still making flippable mattresses. Serta's flippables are called Hotel mattress.

You can Google flippable mattress or manufactures of flippable mattresses to get a listing of the Manufactures that still make them.

The so called discount bedding stores have been spreading the rumor that flippable or two sided mattresses are no longer made, but that is absolutely not true. What is true is that a good quality flippable mattress will last longer and retain its support longer when flipped regularly than a non flippable version.


What the heck is a Serta Beauty Rest? You seem to combining Serta corporation name with the trademarked Simmons Beautyrest name.

Serta hasn't made a two sided mattress you could flip in years. So what is it you are going on about?

to Bonecrusher #842973

It was probably one of those flea market knock offs with a made up name tag. The kind where they just put a new cover over all the dried bodily fluids, mold, 10 lbs of dust mites, bedbugs and fleas. I think it was Dateline that had an episode on those mattresses.


So instead of filing a warranty claim with the manufacturer, you try some half âssed ways of fixing it and then come on here to complain?

A $1300 mattress that's defective after 6 months and you just accept it as that?

to Ricochet-Rabbit California, United States #861320

I've just read hundreds of complaints on-line against Serta & Sealy ----------- and the companies laugh in ur face when u file a complaint. Warranties are worthless pieces of paper.

They sell expensive, defective mattresses - which feel comfortable for 5 minutes when u lay down on them in the store. After a few months at home --- major sagging issues. Some people paid $2,000 to $4,000 for a mattress.

WTF? There needs to be a class-action lawsuit - except lawyers make out like bandits.

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