We purchased a queeen size Serta Mattress set from Mazer in Birmingham Alabama that is defective.I had it picked up and delivered to the house we are buying, but didn't actually see it for over a month so it couldn't be returned.

The pillowtop is totally flat on both sides and ends. The middle has a hump of at least 12 inches. We have tried everything to beat down the hump to no avail.

I have heard we are not the only one with this problem and I am trying to get some help from Serta but don't have anything yet.I can't afford to buy another one.

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Monetary Loss: $400.

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The mattress was deliverd like that?


I suspect Serta got some poorly cast springs in a large batch of beds like this.Probably not intentional, but someone saved some money on manufacturing somewhere down the line.

Our springs collapsed too. Sam's club eventually gave us a refund, but wouldn't do an exchange. We went several weeks without a bed over this, as we couldn't afford to just buy another at over $700.

We're just switching to Simmons Beauty rest brand.A little more $$$, but hoping for the best.


got the same problem and i am pissed

to Anonymous #1143580

I just had this problem and fixed it if you are still in need

to Anonymous Roswell, Georgia, United States #1177502

May I ask how you fixed it?

to Anonymous Janesville, Wisconsin, United States #1273414


to Anonymous Murphysboro, Illinois, United States #1278232

Please tell me what you did to fix this problem. OMG, what in the heck, I wish it were a bed full of money, but not with my luck, so will you please tell me what to do? There is no way possible you can sleep on this!

Thank you in advance!

Brooklyn, New York, United States #673686

Help, I cannot sleep in my king size bed due to a huge lump.

What a waist.I moved the mattress and was surprised to see what


After reading the various comments I will not be contacting Serta.What for.


We had this same problem after moving a pillow top. We managed to fix it by just cutting one hole is the side, middle of the mattress and pulling the lumps out.


Won't buy Serta again. As soon as we brought the mattress home from the store, a huge bump appeared in the middle of the bed. Ruined it.

*** product.

We're about to buy another mattress and Serta is off the list.

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