I bought a Serta Bellemont queen mattress with a 4" memory foam pillow top. It dips very badly in the middle and humps up on only one side making me lay at a sidways incline twards the center.

I am 145 lbs my husband is 180 lbs and my mattress is only 5 months old. The company I purchased it from said it is normal for the mattress to have dips and indentations. Yeah right! They ignore the fact that it sticks up only on one side.

I have the receipt and all the tags and I am just *** out of luck until I get the money to buy another new mattress. I contacted Serta they don't warrenty anything! They tie a string around the mattress and if it has a greated than 1 1/2 inch gap they will replace it PRORATED of corse. Well memory foam conforms to the string covering their butt.

Meanwile our backs and necks hurt so bad it is almost unbearable. We went camping and after 3 nights on a Coleman air mattress both of our pains subsided. Serta Sucks!

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We just got one from Menards. Have only for about a week now notice the first day or two it was sagging in the middle definitely wasn't like the sample one they had in the store not frim at all.

So we're probably returning it today and see if we can exchange it for a different one and see if that'll work out we still have a 90 days warranty on this and if that one doesn't work we'll get our money back find something different totally. We got the Menards queen size firm.

But was not frim when we got home. Sagging in the middle.


I have one bought at menards on Nov 2014 I notice issues after about 7 months sagging terrible to the middle just like you said. I to am getting the run around as it's just over a year.

I paid over$600 as it's was on sale.

We paid for quality that we didn't get. Shame on you sert!!!!!!

Aberdeen, South Dakota, United States #1052284

We also had the same issue with one we bought at Slumberland in Aberdeen, SD. They must have sold too many of them, their store closed.

We never got reimbursed. We burned ours.

Lawton, Michigan, United States #969163

same experience with a king size Excalibur from menards. Sagged within first year.

Suffered through 2 more years before going back to menards and thankfully, with our paparwork , they issued us a new king size mattress of the new line in stock -"summercourt" brought home tonite. We'll see how it holds up...

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #679882

#1 if you roll to the center in a Queen bed you have a bad bed frame has nothing to do with the mattress. (sertas coil can't sag its tied)

#2 menards beds are on the low end for people with normal backs, if you need added back support go see a sleep specialist and find the right bed. not sertas fault its yours.

#3 menards uses serta because they hold up well and they have few returns.


If Serta is having this many problems than I can only hope you bought your mattress from Menards in Rhinelander WI because their customer service has been wonderful!!!


We to have same problem! Menards keeps exchanging our mattresses, my husband and I are on our 5th mattress in 3 years...and we do not need to loose weight!

I am 135lbs and my husband is around 160lbs!


Seems to be a lot of the mattresses from Menards that are the problem. I wonder if Serta makes a lesser quality mattress for Menards to keep price low?


I have a Serta Excalibur King size mattress. I love it !!!

It is so comfy. I had now for a little of 2 years. I was very worried when I bought it with the top but now it's a no brainer.

I purchased it at Menards and I have never regretted it since. Thanks so much !


Ugh. Wish I would've seen this BEFORE we purchased our kind Excalibur /free box springs from Menards.

We've had it a week and my lower back is killing me. My wife seems to be doing OK, but I find it way too firm and uncomfortable -- despite the memory foam topper.

I'm a side/stomach sleeper and this is quite possibly the most uncomfortable "luxury" mattress I've slept on. Disappointed is an understatement.


Thanks! We were going to buy a Serta mattress from menards. We will now go back to Nebraska furniture to buy Our mattress.


You need to loss some weight. You can expect any mattress to support your 450lb fat ***.

Im sure you finally realized this and decided to stop eating small animals and children. Great JOB!


I was going to buy one from Menards but no way now. I am tired of companies not standing behind the product. Thanks


we too bought the serta from menards.. excalibur king ..

very displeased with it, the body impressions are terrible ... when you make your bed you can see where you have slept.. I rotate the mattress every time I change the sheets.. we bought it in July 10 11..I finally contact serta now waiting ..

if I don't hear back I'll go back to menards ..

don't buy ... :sigh


I just purchased the sealy excalibur from menards (it was on sale for $680 + a 11% rebate)...My bf and I love it so far...Haven't slept this good in a looooong time and our backs are both feeling alot better since upgrading...The mattress itself with the pillowtop is 14"...I guess we'll have to wait a few months to see if we have the same issues but for now it is wonderful! Hope this helps you out Larry! I also think that Menards is always great with refunds so I think if you left all the tags on and waited 90 days and still didn't like it that they would take it back no problem :)


I'm thinking about buying the SERTA EXCALIBER from Menards because they have that mattress on sale as I type. I'm thinking twice after reading these comments.

You figure Serta would stand behind there product.

I want to buy from U.S.A but do I have to resort to other country? I sure hope not!


We just bought the Serta Excaliber from Menards. We hate it.

It sags in the middle.

Our backs are killing us! Wish we had done some research before buying


I had a Serta Fonatana super pillow top i bought 2 years ago. It was sagging on my side of the bed.

So I called Menards and they told me to bring in the reciept and tag from the mattress and I can get a full refund.

I bought the Excalibur Euro top mattress and it is a lot firmer and better made than my last one. I am hoping for the best!

to Matt Oakland, Iowa, United States #599662

Can you let us know which Menards location this was at. We were told that the mattress is non-returnable/refundable.



Hi also have had this problem, we bought our eruo top in March and, this is Aug., it is indented more then the 2", it also has a broken foundition, could be the problem, but i will not buy another pillow top, i believe they are no good, once your body in formed on it there is no other postion to lay.. Aches and pains.. Will be getting one without pillow top.


I just purchased my king mattress on May 14th- it had sink holes after 6 days. It is impossible to sleep on so we flipped a non flippable mattress- which is better than it was.

We purchased the Excaliber,Mega Euro Top from Menards for $1000 and they can't/won't take it back. I believe it was a rejected item from the factory as we discovered there were no tags sewn on the mattress. I have contacted Serta and they are yet to get back to me.

So for those of you that can not sleep on your bed- try flipping it over? I should have done my homework on this site before I bought a Serta.

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