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We received a letter through the BBB where Robert said he'd give us a refund within 10 business days! Wow, right?

Not really. We didn't receive it. I called the BBB, and he said we'd get it in a few days. Didn't happen.

As I look back at his letter, he claimed that we threatened the delivery drivers. That did NOT happen. He said he also dropped off kid's beds (what the @$%##?) No. Then, he said that we each weigh over 250 lbs.

Together we weigh about 330 lbs. You can't look at either one of us, and guess that we weigh that much. Also, we were both in the store when we bought the mattress, and nobody said anything about our weight then. He should be in a circus, but not as a weight guesser, but maybe as a clown?

What, we have to throw a bunch of insults around? Nice and professional, huh? Three comments, and three lies. He actually had the nerve to call me a liar while he was yelling at me when I was trying to discuss the situation with him.

I guess he just figures the more he insults us the quicker we'll go away maybe? I don't think so.

Original review posted by user Oct 19, 2012

My wife and I purchased a Vera Wang mattress for $2500 in April of 2011. It was less than 6 months before it started sagging pretty badly. We rotated the mattress as we were told to in their instructions, and it was still that bad. We contacted The Bedding Company in Omaha Nebraska to file a claim. When Robert (the owner of the store) came out to inspect the mattress he said that a stain on the mattress invalidates our warranty. He also yelled and screamed at me every time I talked to him. He had me so worked up that by the time I called Serta to talk to them about it, they were upset about my attitude. I guess they don't like to be yelled at either. The guy from Serta claims that they care if a customer

is upset, but still insisted on hiding behind the warranty.

We were never given a copy of the warranty. There was a piece of paper that said that the receipt and the tag on the mattress were our warranty. The only thing that refers us to any sort of warranty is a small code on the corner of the tag that says W9. That's it. There's no label that says warranty code or anything. There's certainly nothing that warned us to seek out a copy of the official warranty. The Serta guy said 'some' stores don't give you a copy because it's available online. Then shouldn't it say that on the receipt?!

As far as I'm concerned, they lied and cheated their way to our money. I've seen numerous posts about this bed being bad in about the same amount of time. It seems that they never 'want' to honor their warranties. I read on a message board that they will look for a tiny little drool stain in order to not have to fix it. We'll never buy anything more than a standard mattress, and will make sure it has a cover on it immediately.

Shame on you Serta, and shame on The Bedding Company in Omaha, Nebraska!

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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omg, Wish us luck! We're on the same downhill battle!

Tukwila, Washington, United States #610509

Thanks for the imput. I was thinking about buying one , but I will not do that now.

I don,t need the problems. Give people money to be rude to me, NoThamk you.

I will spend my money else where.

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