I have bought many Serta mattresses in the last 20 years, always very happy with them - until I bougght a Willowbrook mattress in May 2007 at Baer's furniture in Florida. Upon arrival at my house, I noticed the mattress was sagging.

I called the store, they said they would send an inspector. He comes, noted the sag was 1 1/8", but Serta only exchanges the mattress if the sag is 1 1/2. With the pillowtop, of course you don't have much of achance to actually measure just how bad the sagging is. So for the past 8 months my 130-pound son is sleeping in a terrible mattress, where I can see his body sinking terribly in the middle of the bed, waking up in terrible shape, just waiting for the subpar product to reach the dreaded 1 1/2", which is finally happening.

Lets see how it goes when the inspector comes again. Wonder if the top honchos at both companies would sleep on this mattress for 6 months.

Shame on Serta !!!

Review about: Serta Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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Ha! you too?

We are expecting our 5th Serta Mattress (several different models). The quality control is despicable.

Each of the beds of the same model were all different and had things horribly wrong with them. If we were able to get our money back and just return it, we would have done so long ago!!!


consumers say the most ignorant things , hello fatty you are 245 pounds , they do not make the model anymore just like every other retail products they make new models every year serta will repace a mattresswith a 5inch sag if there is no stain unless it is a lowest quality available poly foam mattress


There is no quality control! We've spent $5,000.00 in 5 months & the one bed has a hump in the middle. They won't replace it, but they don't make the mattress anymore either,,,,,,gee, I wonder why??

Next time I'll buy a sleeping bag, it'll be much more comfortable!

Fairview, Oregon, United States #7854

We are on our FOURTH Serta matress. COMPLETE JUNK!!!

I'm about 245 lbs and my wife is 125lbs. We have a king size perfect day which forms large dips in the matress where we sleep, and humps up in the middle. Yes, her side too. There is no support and they won't warentee the product unless there is a 2" dip.

Like I said, we are on our fourth mattress. If it wasen't for our local store, we would still be fighting with Serta. They (Furniature Outlet) have gracefully agreed to give an in store credit for the mattress, which is kind of helpfull, but all they carry is Serta. Guess were getting new furniature.

Not sure what we'll do with the boxspring. We can not wait to get a different bed...any suggestions?

Cedarville, Ohio, United States #6893

"hammock" problem; foam mattress, 2-1/2 yrs old. problem started almost immediately.

serta has an answer for everything--even to the point of rewriting the laws of physics. 5-1/4 inch sag is "acceptable" and "norma."shoddy product, shoddy company. STAY AWAY.

will not honor warranty; do not give these people your money. i have filed with consumer protection office.

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