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I am 75 years old. I bought a serta mattress 18 months ago.

Right from the start I complained that it sagged. I had a very hard time getting someone to come out and look at it. They sent a girl out with her boyfriend and she said there was nothing wrong with it. I told her she needed to lay down on it.

She wouldn't. You can't just look at a mattress and say it doesn't sag. I lay in a hole every night. I bought my granddaughter one at the same time I bought mine and hers sags too.

In the fifty years I have been married, I always bought Sealy mattress.Made a big mistake this time when I bought Serta. I can't get anyone to take it off my hands.It's pretty bad when the Goodwill turns it down.Why don't you have a place to sign my name?

That proves you don't want to corret the problem. 419-867-7045 Merlene Hopkins.

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Maybe the retailer you bought the mattress from is the problem, not Serta. If you really have a warranty complaint go back to the retailer.

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